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Top 4 Things Your Podiatry Website Needs to Have

Now that your digital marketing campaigns are successfully bringing visitors to your website the next step is that your website needs to be able to convert them into patients. A good visitor experience will increase the amount of patient appointments you receive, and is vital to good search engine rankings with Google!

Every industry has different standards for a good website. When it comes to podiatry, here are a few things that you absolutely should have:

1. Clear Message Above the Fold

“Above the fold” is an old news paper term referring to the upper half of the front page. This is where the most important and interesting news story is located. If we apply the same principle to your website the most eye-catching and important information should be the very first thing people see when they arrive at your site.

Potential patients need to know exactly what you offer as soon as they arrive on your website. All the text and images the patient sees should be very straightforward and obvious. Show them how they will benefit from your treatment before they even start scrolling down the webpage.

Be as clear and concise as possible here! It’s recommended that you include one short and relevant sentence telling exactly what you do or what problems you can solve. Your website "Headline" will set expectations for potential patients for the rest of their visit to your website.

2. Clear, High-Quality Images of Success

We have all heard the saying "a picture says a thousand words," and, honestly, that might be an understatement. Quality high-definition pictures throughout your entire site will engage your visitors and entice them to explore your website. Quality pictures of succes will help your patients visualize how great their life will be if they use your services.

When adding pictures to your website, be sure that your pictures are not:

Be sure to include some pictures of yourself and your staff to make your website more inviting and personable. People are very visual, so seeing treatment options available is a way to let them know what to expect. Put future patients at ease before they even visit by showing images of the treatment process (Dr. consultation, procedure, resulting lifestyle). Pictures of successful treatments and of happy patients is a great motivator for them to choose you for their podiatry needs.

Having high-quality pictures and informative marketing materials on your website is a way to improve the user experience and keep potential patients on your site longer. If you need some quality orthotic-related pictures to add to your website, be sure to contact Forward Motion for some free digital marketing materials that can be personalized to your practice.

3. Easy to Navigate and Convert

Don't make your visitors work to find the information they are looking for. Be sure that your website is uncluttered and organized so that users can find and navigate it easily. If your website is too complicated, they might not find the information you want them to see and they may even just leave your website completely.

Try guiding them towards a clear goal or "call to action" such as scheduling an appointment online or contacting your office through phone/email. Your most important call to action should be placed in the header and footer of your website. This way, it remains constant no matter where your potential patients are while they navigate your site.

4. Foot Pathology, Symptoms, and Treatment Information

Patients often search the internet for information about pain or symptoms they are experiencing. Having a blog or a section of your site that lists foot pathologies, conditions, and symptoms that you treat can be very beneficial.

As patients look for more information, they’ll find these detailed treatment breakdowns and symptoms for each condition on your website. This will establish your expertise as a podiatrist and increase their likelihood of scheduling an appointment. It is also a great way to boost your website in Google search results.


There you have it, a few of the most important things that your practice website should have! With these tools implemented on your website your visitors are sure to spend more time on your website. The longer someone stays after they click on your site, the better engagement your website will have. All resulting in more patients walking through your practice door.

If you have any questions related to improving your website rankings, or want orthotic marketing materials, feel free to contact us!

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