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  • Is There a Warranty on FM Custom Devices?
    Yes! For each custom device there is a 6 month adjustment warranty and a lifetime warranty for the shell. To view full Warranty CLICK HERE.
  • How do I Contact Forward Motion?
    Simply give us a call at (435) 251-8500 or send an email to If you would like to request for us to contact you, or for more contact information, CLICK HERE.
  • How do I Log into my Database Portal?
    The Log In page can be accessed by clicking Log In located at the top of the website. You will need a username and password which can be set up by giving us a call at (435) 251-8500.
  • Is There a Forward Motion Product Catalog?
    Yes! A digital version can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here: Forward Motion Catalog. If you would like a physical copy, contact us and we can send you one.
  • Where Can I Find the Free Shipping Label?
    We have link to our free USPS shipping label HERE. Simply fill out the information and print out the label.
  • Where Can I Find the Product Order Forms?
    Most of our custom orthotics can be ordered with our Standard Order Form, to access CLICK HERE. For a list of specialty device and brace/AFO order forms CLICK HERE.
  • How Do I Use the Forward Motion App?
    How do I Download the Forward Motion App? How do I Create an Account Through the App?
  • Do You Have a Lab Cheat Sheet
    Yes! Our Lab Cheat Sheet explains many aspects of our lab such as device types, materials used, and other things specific to our lab. To view CLICK HERE, and for any other questions give us a call.
  • What is the Outgrow Program?
    The Outgrow Program is designed to help doctors & parents save money when purchasing orthotics for children under 18 years old with growing feet. If you are a medical practitioner and would like more details please call us at: (435) 251-8500
  • Selecting Arch Height on the Order Form
    ARCH HEIGHT The arch heights on the order form are for the cast correction, not the height of the patient's foot. TOTAL CONTACT - The arches of the cast are made to what the scan measures, adding no arch fill. Recommended for patients with low arches or flat feet. HIGH - We add fill to the cast to lower it by 2mm from what the cast measures. MEDIUM - We add fill to the arch to lower it by 4mm from what the cast measures, This is the lab standard. LOW - We add fill to the arch to lower it by 6mm *The lab standard is to average the arch height if there is 4mm or less difference between the feet. If the arches measure 5mm or more difference, we make to each foot. If total contact is requested we make the arches to each foot.

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