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Below are specifications for our most common accommodations.

We use poron for most padded accommodations because it offers excellent rebound properties and is easy to tolerate. We can substitute specific material for a poron replacement, such as plastizote or firm EVA. For more information on the orthotic customizations offered by our Forward Motion 3D Scanner app, be sure to check out our Lab Cheat Sheet for all the latest options available.

Accommodation Spec Sheet



Arch Pad

1/8″ poron that is skived to be flush with the shell.  Increases arch with soft support.


Met Bar

1/8" poron to protect the met heads and offer cushioning and support.


Met Pad

Poron pad skived and raised in the center.  This is to help with specific offloading for neuromas and metatarsalgia.  Poron offers enough softness to make this accommodation effective and comfortable.


Heel Cushion

Poron cushioning of the entire heel area.


Horseshoe Pad

Poron horseshoe shape for padding around the heel.  This is used to offload center of heel.


Hole in Heel

This is a hole drilled out of the shell and filled with a Poron plug.  This allows cushioning for the heel without adding bulk to the device.

Cut outs


1st Ray Cutout

This is designed to assist the first ray to drop on the push off phase of gait.  It is a mild cut out while still keeping the medial side of the orthotic in tact.


1st Ray Cutout Cuneiform

This is a more aggressive approach to drop the first ray.  Heel pain has been associated with a Hallux Limitus, dropping the first ray can be an effective approach to plantar fasciitis.



Mortons Extension

This can be made from several material choices.  A common material is a  Corex blend that offers medium control of the foot.  This helps with hallux Rigidus during push off phase of gait.


Reverse Mortons Extension

This is a similar idea to a first ray cut out only with the extension we add support under the sulcus of the foot.  This offers a little more control.


Dancer Pad

This shifts weight away from the big toe joint and the sesamoids.  We use poron to get comfort and rebound.

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