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About Forward Motion's Team

The Forward Motion team first started manufacturing custom orthotics in 2002. Our lab uses the highest grade materials available in the market. We even created a few materials of our own to keep the quality of our custom devices high and the prices low.

Our unique combination of experienced staff members at Forward Motion Medical has led to the creation of thinner orthotics, and faster production techniques. Our exceptional customer service, crew of pedorthists, and innovative technology makes the entire process of casting and ordering custom orthotics easy and stress free. All these things together ensure great turnaround times and custom orthotics that we know you will love.


John Ballantyne


John is the founder of FM Orthotics and cofounder of JM Orthotics. He has an engineering degree and has been a C.Ped for over 10 years. John has worked directly with Medicare patients and understands the patient needs and concerns first hand. He has also manufactured custom functional orthotics for local doctors before bringing the custom business to an international level.


Tracy Winchester

Director of Orthotics

During his nearly 40 years experience manufacturing custom orthotics Tracy has worked for 3 major orthotic labs. Starting as a grinder in the early 1980's he has gone on to master cast correction, fabrication, materials selection, practical application, and patient compliance. Tracy moved from Indiana to Southern Utah to lead our team and manage the lab production department.

Mike Rushton.jpeg

Michael Rushton


13 years in private practice specializing in conservative care and orthotic therapy. Co-Founder of JM Orthotics and developer of semi rigid heat molding material utilized for direct molding in podiatry. Dr. Rushton is a national tri-athlete competitor. He recently qualified for the Ironman Kona event and finished respectively in 2012.


Eli Hillstrom

Director of Braces

Eli is our in house brace expert. He has years of experience designing and developing braces and AFOs, and is responsible for many of our industry leading innovative devices. Originally from Washington state, Eli moved to Southern Utah to oversee and develop our brace and AFO production.


Cody Ballantyne

General Manager


Mahlia Portwood

Office Manager


Andy Rushton

Sales & Account Management


Derek Buchanan



Tyler Brower



Nick Adkins

Sales & Account Management


Josh Ballantyne

Special Projects


Gage Miller

Sales & Marketing


Chance Graff

Sales & Account Management


Susan Adamson



Tim Terry

Software Development


Rachel Ksau

Account Manager

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