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Warranty Information

This Warranty applies to custom orthotics and custom AFO braces made by Forward Motion Labs.

Adjustment Warranty

Our adjustment warranty covers any changes to the cast or accommodations and material refurbishments within the first 6 months.


Order Change Fee will apply to the changing of device types and/or top cover material/length

Shell Lifetime Warranty


This warranty covers any defects and/or breakage of the orthotic shell or AFO brace shell at any time.

What Will We Do to Correct The Problem?

Forward Motion Orthotics will repair or replace the entire custom orthotic or custom AFO brace at no charge if the shell is indeed defected, cracked, or broken under normal usage.

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

The warranty period is for the lifetime of the patient.

What You Have to do

If you are a patient: To obtain warranty service, you must first contact your Doctor to confirm the defect. Next, your Doctor will contact us to complete the warranty process.

If you are the prescribing Doctor: Please contact us for additional information.

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