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3D Orthotic Scanning and the Forward Motion App

Benefits of 3D Orthotic Scanning

3D Orthotic Scanning is quickly becoming the new standard casting method in podiatry offices across the country. Through the use of 3D scanning technology, podiatrists are able to prescribe orthotics without the mess or hassle associated with other casting methods. The convenience of digital scans allows doctors to more easily order a device that will fit the conditions and needs of the patient.

Patients also benefit from the reduced clinical time and manufacturing times leading to an overall higher customer satisfaction. Not to mention our personal opinion that 3D scan orthotics fit patients better and provide them a superior custom orthotic experience.

3D Orthotic Scanning Technology

While many orthotic labs have started using 3D scanning technology, not all scanners are created equal. 3D scanners vary greatly in their accuracy, ease of use, and price. One must also consider the time it takes to learn the scanning software. Also, the added costs from yearly software contract or per scan fees that some charge.

Our lab uses Occipital’s Structure iPad scanner because of its convenience and simplicity to use. The scanner is connected to an iPad making it more portable compared to scanners that require a connected computer. It allows podiatrists to capture fully 3D non-weight bearing scans from all angles in real-time at a much cheaper price-point than other scanners.

The hardware capabilities of the Structure scanner are very impressive for a ~$1,000 dollar iPad + scanner system. Brent Wright, certified prosthetist and orthotist who also has a background in digital design, did an in-depth analysis on the accuracy of the Structure scanner Pro combined with Digiscan 3D and compared it to scans taken by an Artec Eva 3D(~$19,800 scanner). He found that the scans to be very similar with deviations of only 0.1 mm in some areas and never more than 1mm difference.

Many orthotic labs have started using the Structure scanner to assist doctors in prescribing custom orthotics. However, just as not all 3D scanners are created equal, not all structure scanner apps are equal either! According to Brent,

What Sets Forward Motion Apart From Other 3D Orthotic Scan Apps?

Forward Motion was among the earliest to implement Structure scanners to prescribe orthotics with our FD Motion v1.0 app completed and published on March 26, 2016. As one of the first companies to develop a 3D orthotic scanning app, we know the importance of keeping our software as accurate and user-friendly as possible.

Timothy A Terry, Software Development Manager at Forward Motion Medical, was hired as the lead programmer near the completion of the first app and is responsible for the continued administration, programming and development of projects for the app, website and online database. According to Tim,

Having a dedicated in-house development team ensures that our app is always up-to-date and high quality. We can resolve any bugs or problems very quickly. Our app is continually being improved and updated to ensure the highest quality software for our doctors.

Forward Motion App Features

While the app started with only custom orthotics, it has now expanded into a wide range of new services. Users can now scan for AFO braces, have the option to order prefabs, and have even more custom orthotics choices. Our in-house developers continue to work closely with Structure's parent company to maintain our app's cutting-edge.

The Forward Motion App offers both feet and leg scans for Orthotics and Braces respectively. We also offer prefabricated orthotic ordering through the app as a convenient way to provide the products that meet our consumer’s needs.

One of our latest features added is the ability for a provider to chat directly with our lab! Reach us at any time during our regular office hours. Connect with one of our certified pedorthists or orthotic technicians quickly and easily with orthotic questions. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

We also added an easy to use order tracking system that keeps the user up-to-date . Doctors know exactly where the order is at and when it’s shipped. Because orders do not expire, a user can see a full history of all orders they have sent. Doctors also have the option to re-order the same product in the future if needed.

About Forward Motion

Forward Motion is a full-service custom orthotics lab. We are very proud of our state-of-the-art software that allows our doctors to quickly and accurately scan for custom orthotics & custom braces. Besides our app, we also take pride in our customer service, product quality, and industry innovations. Most importantly, we are ready and able to help you with any custom orthotics and AFO needs you may have.

Forward Motion has seen continued growth and now has a development team that currently consists of four outstanding programmers. With the ever-increasing number of projects, we are looking to expand the development team even further. Forward Motion Medical is a great company to work for with its exceptional management, operations and growth opportunities.

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