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How to Sell More Orthotics to Patients

As a podiatrist, you have the unique ability to help patients resolve their foot-related pain and improve their quality of life. Custom orthotics are one of the tools available to assist you in achieving this goal!

We already know custom orthotics can benefit your practice and your patients. The challenge is helping your patients understand the impact custom orthotics can have on their lives. Here are a few selling points to share with your patients so they can see the patient-centric benefits that orthotics have to offer.


Athletes are a special group of patients that can benefit greatly from a pair of custom orthotics. Regardless of their chosen activity or sport, custom orthotics can be made to fit their needs. This means that you can target niche demographics and prescribe orthotics made specifically for their activity.

- Custom Orthotics Can Improve Overall Athletic Performance

A 2018 study on the effects of Carbon Fiber Insoles found that athletes showed significant improvements in jumping, speed, and acceleration when using stiff shoe inserts. Researchers found that using insoles to optimize shoe bending stiffness can emphasize speed and power in a variety of activities.

Orthotics also aid the natural elastic recoil and arch support of the foot. This becomes especially apparent in repetitive sports such as biking or running. Even a tiny percentage of extra recoil or support on each pedal or step can add up over the thousands of repetitions they put their feet through. Serious athletes are looking for any advantage that can be provided from their orthotics.

- Custom Orthotics Make Shoes Fit Better

The average pair of athletic shoes costs about $120-$150 and can last 6-12 months depending on activity level. Sometimes athletes find that the new shoe isn't comfortable after making the purchase and end up having to replace it right away. Replacing worn-out shoes and finding a good-fitting shoe is one of the biggest pain points athletes have.

Custom orthotics make every shoe fit and feel like they were made for the patient. They're also made to last for years and can be refurbished at any time. Athletes like to know that their orthotics will stay with them through multiple pairs of shoes, continuing to provide the stability and support they need to perform at a higher and safer level.


The most common type of patients that you will meet are those who are experiencing foot pain. These patients are looking to you to save the day and provide relief.

- Custom Orthotics Correct Bio-mechanical Issues

Biomechanical abnormality in the foot is the most common cause of foot pain. If the underlying pathology is not resolved, you're not going to have a lot of success treating foot problems. Custom orthotics correct the bio-mechanical problems of the foot.

Prescribing orthotics is a simple, easy, non-invasive way to treat someone's feet and alleviate their foot pain. Your patients will appreciate the long-term relief that orthotics provide.

- Custom Orthotics Protection from Injury

Besides absorbing shock and reducing fatigue, one of the main benefits of Custom-made Orthotics is better alignment of the lower body. This increases stability and support throughout the foot and ankle. Helping patients know that orthotics can reduce their risk of future injuries and sprains from occurring can be a great selling point.


According to an article from LinkedIn, about 80% of workers globally are "deskless," handling jobs that don't typically require sitting in place. That is a lot of people on their feet all day, all ideal candidates for custom orthotics.

- Custom Orthotics Reduce Standing Fatigue

A recent study on Long-Term Muscle Fatigue by the University of Michigan found that standing more than five hours a day contributes to significant and prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue, and may increase the risk for long-term back pain and musculoskeletal disorders.

Patients might be interested in learning how orthotics reduce the strain on joints and muscles to help prevent fatigue. Another selling point for long-term standing patients is improved balance by increasing contact with the ground.

- Custom Orthotics Increased Comfort

Orthotics redistribute weight evenly across the foot to provide comfort and support. You can customize the amount of comfort and support by offloading certain areas of the foot or supplementing places with extra padding if needed.

Another huge selling point is that orthotics help their overall posture, alignment, and base of gait while standing. Help patients understand that orthotics will align the foot and lower body into the most optimal position. This proper alignment travels up the kinetic chain to ensure ideal positioning and reduce weakness and instability.


Patients are more likely to invest in orthotics when they understand the personal impact they can have on their lives, not just a "sale. By reframing the message around patient empowerment and improved well-being, you can build trust and encourage informed decisions that benefit your practice and your patients.

Whether they are high performance athletes, spend all their time in dress shoes, or are recovering from an injury, many demographics of patients will benefit from a pair of custom orthotics. It's up to you to determine what benefits will fit their lifestyle!

There's no need to be a high-pressure salesman when it comes to custom orthotics. Your patients will be more likely to purchase when you simply learn what their needs are, and help them understand how orthotics will improve their lives. The end results are happy and satisfied patients, and a steady stream of referrals.

If you have any questions or patient concerns about custom orthotics, contact Forward Motion today! Our team is willing and able to help assist you and your patients with any issues that you may have.

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