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How Custom Orthotics Benefit Your Practice

The average podiatrist usually prescribes about 5 pairs of custom orthotics each week, with many prescribing even more. We always talk about the benefits of custom orthotics and how they help patients, but did you know that there are a lot of benefits for the doctor as well?

Custom orthotics are statistically better than store-bought insoles or prefabricated inserts. If you aren't already prescribing custom orthotics for your patients, here are a few reasons you should start!

Custom Orthotics are Profitable

If you send a patient to the store to buy off-the-shelf orthotics, that's great... for the store! However, you're neither benefiting your practice or giving the best treatment to your patients. Instead of sending your business elsewhere, keep those patients with you! Dr. Michael Rushton shares this experience:

When you treat patients with custom orthotics, you are directly helping to resolve their foot pain! Then if their friends or family have similar foot pain, they're going to send their friend to come and see you instead of sending them to a store.

With the scanning technologies available today, it only takes a few seconds to make a truly custom orthotic that will treat your patients right.

Build Patient Trust and Loyalty

As their doctor, you know how to treat your patients' feet and pathologies better than any store-bought insert ever could! Why send them elsewhere when you are the most qualified person to treat their foot conditions? Dr. Michael Rushton has this to say about the results of prescribing orthotics:

When you prescribe a custom orthotic, you're not only solving the patients' problems, you are improving their quality of life. You lay the foundation for future business and return visits.

customer satisfaction and loyalty

By using orthotics to solve their pain and problems, patients are aware that you are a doctor who knows what you're doing and who they can trust. Satisfied patients will continue to come to you for all follow-up care.

Multiple Orthotics and Recurring Revenue

By prescribing custom molded orthotics, you give patients a device that is custom-built for their feet. So once patients try orthotics and they like them, oftentimes people come back and want another pair or more depending on how many pairs of shoes they have!

Also, certain orthotics can be made specifically for specific activities. So if the patient is a cyclist or runner, they may want a different orthotic versus something they would wear in their dress shoes, going to work and things like that.

pile of shoes in shape of a shoe

Orthotics will wear out and have to be replaced some day. Reminding them to come back and refurbish their orthotics every so often is a great way to keep in touch with them and get them back into your office. Just like seeing a dentist or an eye doctor, reminding them to check on their foot health is just as important!

Whether the patient wants a second pair of orthotics, or if their orthotics need refurbishing, they'll come back to you!


Hopefully you are already prescribing custom orthotics and reaping all these benefits already. If you need help getting started, contact one of our Forward Motion representatives and we'll be happy to get you set up! Our office is always ready and willing to answer any orthotic related questions that you may have.

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