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Orthotic Lab Comparison

There are hundreds of custom orthotics labs around the country. How do you find the best fit for you and your patients?

We researched information from other orthotic labs across the country and compiled the results to give you an accurate comparison of what to expect in this industry. See how your orthotic provider measures up against the rest.

Pricing Comparison

High Orthotic manufacturing costs will cut into your bottom line. The more you have to pay for an orthotic, the less you’ll make when you dispense them to your patients.

After researching other lab prices, we found that local custom orthotics labs sell devices at the cheapest rates. The mid-range labs have orthotics priced a bit more than local. National orthotic labs were the most expensive when factoring extra costs such as materials, adjustments, and shipping.

Now for a shameless plug: Here at Forward Motion, pricing for our entire line of Custom Orthotics fits right in between local labs and mid-range labs. Our price includes all accommodations, material upgrades, shipping, and adjustments. Contact one of our Account Representatives for more specific pricing information!

Comparing Turnaround Times

How fast you are able to receive your orthotics after ordering is very important when it comes to patient satisfaction. Unfortunately, patients tend to blame doctors for the long wait times resulting in dissatisfaction, poor reviews, and overall loss of business. More often than not your patients wanted their orthotics yesterday, so the sooner your lab can deliver the better.

The average time a typical orthotic lab is able to deliver orthotics is around 3 weeks. When it comes to fast turnaround times, local labs again have the advantage at around 2 weeks. Some of the slowest labs take up to 4-5 weeks before the doctors receive their orthotics.

Shameless plug #2: From the time Forward Motion receives an order (digitally or physically) until the device is built and shipped back to the doctor, we average an 8 business day turnaround time. If you need an orthotic even faster, we also offer manufacturing rushes and priority shipping.

Comparing Adjustment Rates

The fit and quality of the orthotic is vital to building the trust of your patients! The ultimate goal for every orthotics lab is perfect fitting orthotics with no adjustments needed. This cuts down the time needed for back and forth shipping trying to fine-tune the device for the patient's comfort.

Unfortunately, about 16.8% of orthotics need adjusting before the patient can even wear them comfortably. Constant adjustments and the extra effort/time it takes to go back and forth between the doctor’s office and the lab if the orthotics are uncomfortable can lead to unhappy patients.

(Our last shameless plug, we promise!) With a manufacturer correction rate of 1.1%, Forward Motion can guarantee close to 99% patient fit rate of our orthotics out of the box. Each of our orthotics are rigorously quality checked by hand before being shipped. Sometimes you as the doctor may want to make an adjustment to the materials or modifications of the orthotic, but you can rest assured that if your patient isn’t satisfied, then neither are we!


Free Shipping to and From the Lab

Considering the average podiatrist prescribes about 3-5 orthotics per week, shipping costs too and from the clinic can really add up! Forward Motiion’s free shipping covers this cost anywhere in the continental United States so that you can send and receive orthotics/casts with ease.

Whether it be plaster casts, biofoam boxes, or even orthotics that need refurbishing, all shipping is covered. If you need to make a shipment, feel free to create a shipping label or contact us if you have any questions.


Forward Motion has a 60 day adjustment policy on all our orthotics. We also guarantee every one of our PRX Shells for life. This warranty covers any defects and/or breakage of the custom orthotic shell at any time.

Our lab will repair or replace the entire custom orthotic or custom at no charge if the shell is indeed defected, cracked, or broken under normal usage. If the top cover materials or padding start to wear out, we also offer orthotic refurbishing services that will remake your patients' good as new!

Free Label Services

Forward Motion is among the few orthotic labs that offer labeling services, and we offer it free of charge! Add your practice logo to all of your custom orthotics! This is a great way to market your brand and get patient referrals.

Forward Motion is a full-service custom orthotics lab. Our unique combination of experienced staff members at Forward Motion Medical has led to the creation of thinner orthotics, and faster production techniques. You won’t find a better deal from any other Orthotic lab!

We aim to make the entire process of casting and ordering custom orthotics easy and stress free for you! We take pride in our customer service, product quality, and innovative technology. All these things together ensure great turnaround times and custom orthotics that we know you will love.

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