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What Forward Motion Orthotics has to Offer

One in ten Americans suffers from Plantar Fasciitis (arch or heel pain), and need custom orthotics. While there are hundreds of custom orthotic labs out there, cutting-edge technology and materials help Forward Motion stand apart from the crowd.

Custom Orthotic Shell

All orthotics made from Forward Motion Medical use Performance RX technology; A new shell material that is not only five times stronger than polypropylene, but razor-thin at just 1.5 mm. This allows the material to support extreme forces and still be thin enough to fit in the smallest dress shoe.

Forward Motion does not charge extra to use the Performance RX material and guarantees every Performance RX shell for life.

3D Foot Orthotic Scanner

Another new and exciting tool in Forward Motion Medical’s arsenal is the newest in 3D scanner technology. Using a cutting-edge 3D foot scanner that attaches seamlessly to an iPad, the scanner allows Doctors to cast and build 3D models of the foot without the mess and inconvenience of plaster casting.

Scans can be sent instantly to the lab to shorten turnaround times and help patients get their orthotics sooner. Forward Motion’s 3D scanner also has an interactive prescription form and orthotic selection system, which allows doctors to get their patients in the perfect orthotics without sorting through confusing catalogs and prescription forms.

Our software also includes real-time time tracking so you can see how far along the manufacturing process your orthotic order is. Built by our in-house programming team, the Forward Motion app is the most innovative 3D foot scanning system in the industry.

Low Adjustment Rate

One of the most important factors that make a good orthotics lab is the percent of orthotics that need to be returned and adjusted. Nationally, the number of orthotics returned for adjustments is around 16.8%. This means 17 out of every 100 pairs of orthotics you give to a patient will be uncomfortable. This can damage a practice’s reputation and lower your patient retention rate if the orthotics do not fit well.

All of Forward Motion Medical’s orthotics have to pass 3 rigorous quality-control tests and are built directly to the cast of the foot without using corner-cutting library systems. For the past few years, Forward Motion has had one of the best manufacturer return rates in the nation at lower than 2%. Even when combined with the 8% doctor-requested adjustments (such as change materials or adding accommodations) over 90% of customers are satisfied with the first pair of Forward Motion orthotics they recieve.

Marketing Materials and Training

At Forward Motion, we are on your team and want to do everything we can to help you build your practice! Whether this involves helping you market orthotics more successfully or improving your online and digital presence, we are here to help!

It is important that every orthotic you dispense is custom labeled with your practice’s name and number on every pair. Logo printing is a free service offered by Forward Motion Medical on any orthotic device ordered. This helps with

  • Practice name recognition

  • Friend Referrals

  • Repeat patients and orthotics dispensed

  • Your practice brand marketing strategy

Forward Motion also includes patient training literature with every device dispensed. We provide customizable posters and pamphlets on request to educate patients and increase orthotic sales.


Aside from quality orthotics here are all the reasons to choose our orthotics lab to make custom orthotics that your patients will love:

  • Free access to the Performance RX orthotic shells and graphite shell upgrades

  • The newest 3D scanning technology that is the most accurate and easiest to use on the market

  • Orthotic tracking information available online for each account

  • Low return rate and adjustment rate

  • Custom labeling on every pair

  • Customizable posters and pamphlets

  • 5-day in-house turnaround times

  • Free shipping to and from your office

  • Lab technicians with over 40 years of experience

  • Quality devices from a trusted name in the orthotics business

For more information, check out our information page or schedule a free consultation with one of our account specialists.

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