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Boost Your Orthotics Marketing: Expert Strategies From Experienced Podiatrists!

As a podiatrist, promoting custom orthotics to potential patients can sometimes be challenging. Here are some strategies to more effectively market custom orthotics to your patients:

The Biggest Challenge in Marketing Custom Orthotics

According to the majority of podiatrists surveyed, the biggest challenge when marketing orthotics is the cost of custom orthotics.

When addressing this concern, help them understand exactly what they are getting. Be transparent about the costs of custom orthotics upfront. A clear understanding of orthotics and how to use them can help them decide if custom orthotics are right for them.

patient putting orthotic into shoe

Effective Marketing Strategies for Custom Orthotics

When it comes to generating interest and inquiries for custom orthotics, these are a few methods that podiatrists have found useful:

  • Cost over Time: Educate your patients on the long-lasting benefits of orthotics. Show them that the cost is divided across years of pain relief.

  • Use New Technology: Tools like 3D foot scanning can assist you in diagnosing or educating your patients about their feet specifically and make it more personal.

  • “Try Before you Buy”: Have samples in your office for the patient to touch, feel, and try out. Let patients experience first-hand the benefits that come from having healthy feet that are properly aligned and supported.

doctor fitting a patient with orthotics.

Special Promotions for Custom Orthotics

Be wary of offering special promotions or discounts. This undervalues the orthotic and the skill it takes to prescribe and make a truly custom device.

Instead of sales or deals, try offering discounts on future pairs to incentivize patients to purchase more pairs once they see the value from the first pair.

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Remember that we are not taking a cast of the foot "as is" but a cast of the foot that is manipulated into an optimal position based on the pathology present. I am not sure the optical scanning is always advantageous as the act of scanning and manipulating can be challenging. There is a need for positioning devices to help achieve this.

Dillon Chen
Dillon Chen
Jul 06, 2023
Replying to

Scans can be taken in subtalar neutral position with the help of an assistant to hold the foot. Current technology allows correctional software to be used to manipulate the scan digitally afterwards as well before the foot mold is printed.

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