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Top 3 Advantages of DynaFlange Over Traditional Orthotic Posting

DynaFlange is a patented elastic energy insole capable of absorbing shock, managing foot motion, and conserving energy. It helps to naturally propel users forward while preparing the foot for the next step through its anatomically designed smart springs.

Invented and patented by Dr. Jerome (Jay) Segel, DPM, the DynaFlange is a revolutionary device that is changing the way orthotics posting works. Built using Forward Motion’s high impact resin polymer designed for repeated flexing, its uniquely designed bottom flanges behave like living hinges and dynamically deform when the foot hits the ground.

This interaction provides foot and ankle protection, repositioning and motion control while dynamically absorbing shock.

Don’t just take our word for it! Noraxon, an Industry leader in human movement metrics and biomechanics research solutions put the DynaFlange through a series of tests. The tests compared the gait and lateral side-step of patients with regular shoes, with “legacy” post orthotics, and with the DynaFlange Orthotics. Here are some of the results and findings:

Increased Support and Stability

When a person walks, the “center of pressure” or the point of most pressure where the foot meets the ground, changes depending on what stage of the gait cycle. The center of pressure starts at the heel during heel-strike, moves up through the foot during the mid-stance, and then is focused near the toes during toe-off. When analyzing center of pressure, the points combine together to form a gait line on each foot and a butterfly shape between the feet.

Measuring CoP is an indirect way of measuring a person’s ability to maintain balance. During Noraxon’s testing, DynaFlange users showed significantly lengthened gait lines and more consistent gaits overall when compared to the results using legacy posting.

When step-to-step variations decrease and gait becomes more symmetrical, function and even balance is improved, gait is more efficient.

In a few of the test cases, the benefits of DynaFlange were especially obvious in helping patients return to more symmetrical and consistent gait lines.

Using DynaFlange can help you improve overall gait control in patients with certain conditions and pathologies in order to help them achieve increased support and stability.

Improved Shock Absorption

During normal movement, the feet act as a sort of shock absorber that distributes the impact of hitting the ground up through the kinetic chain of your leg. One of the key benefits of prescribing custom orthotics is the ability to reduce shock to the patients’ body.

Similar to how springs help to increase shock absorption, DynaFlange is able to distribute the shock more evenly than traditional orthotics. Test results showed that DynaFlange had Reduced Impact on Heel Strike and Less Average Max Pressure compared to legacy posting.

The Tri-planar flange acts like a built-in spring to interrupt the moment of impact and spreads the force over a greater time and distance to reduce the impact on heel strike. In short, the DynaFlange has better ability to absorb shock and store that energy for easy landing and conservation of energy.

More Efficient Strides

Similar to how a pogo stick converts downward force into upward momentum, the DynaFlange stores kinetic energy and then returns that energy to propel users forward. It actually assists motion with natural propulsion by transferring the force into your forward motion.

Test results showed that DynaFlange users had faster loading responses of 82% or higher. After the initial contact, the increased speed of loading to the forefoot can only be attributed to the stored energy at the DynaFlange heel or initial contact area.

Furthermore, results also showed that the DynaFlange encouraged a more neutral ankle position during the transition to forefoot loading with rear foot angle measurement showing fewer degrees of eversion than legacy posting. The flanges provide graded adaption to uneven surfaces and measured management of ground force reactions.

In short, quicker transitioning through the gait cycle comes with the added benefit of increased control and propulsion. The improved energy returns result in longer, more neutral, and more efficient strides.


DynaFlange is the game-changer in custom orthotics with the biomechanical test results to back it up! It’s innovative design and advantages over traditional orthotic posting are sure to be a hit with all types of patients and conditions. It’s a welcome addition to our line-up of custom orthotics and we’re excited to add it to Forward Motion’s product list.

The DynaFlange is stabilizing and controlling motion through the entire gait cycle, and also makes use of the natural energies produced during early stance to propel users forward. Each step is cushioned, and the energy created by ground reactive forces is harnessed and used for you rather than against you.

The Science Behind the DynaFlange®

  • Improves balance and stability, while increasing performance and efficiency

  • Actively absorbs shock, stores the energy and returns it for resupination of the foot

  • Manages ground force reaction with a 33-46% decrease in ground reactive forces

  • Provides up to 7 watts of Power per second

  • Delivers up to 450 joules of Elastic Energy per minute

  • Utilizes “secure fit” technology to keep the orthotic in place and reduce friction

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