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Flexion Limiter

Flexion Limiter

• Best to Limit Plantar Flexion
• Limit Toe-Walking
• For Patients Who Require Tall Posterior Control for Hyper-Extension of the Knee

Shell Material: 5mm Polypropylene (Carbon Fiber Optional)
Padding Material: 3mm EVA
Joint: Tamarack
Closure: Velcro Straps
Length/Plantar: Proximal to Meta Heads
Heel Cup Depth: 30mm


Device Options:
Standard Flexion Limiter
Child Flexion Limiter

  • L Codes

    L2200 (2x per brace)

  • Clinical Indicators

    Toe Walking
    Excessive Varus/Valgus
    Need to Limit Plantar Flexion

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